BIM For Builders

MCD’s BIM for Builder’s Program is designed for the collaboration of trades to virtually construct homes prior to breaking ground. Using the latest technology, MCD is able to construct 3D virtual models allowing the owner, builder, and construction trades to visualize the scope of work and aesthetics of the home. Additionally, the 3D model allows MCD to integrate systems, such as trusses, HVAC, masonry, etc. which aids in detecting conflicts between systems. This conflict detection highlights areas of complications and forecasts effective ways to construct the home. Along with these features, MCD’s BIM for Builder’s Program is able to create a fully customizable bill of materials. This list is extracted from the 3D model and helps facilitate take-offs, bid-sets, scheduling and purchasing.

Our aim is to provide a turn-key solution by combining our years of design and engineering knowledge with progressive virtual tools. This allow us to focus on accuracy and efficiency from the earliest stages of design through completion of construction.

BIM Services:

  • BIM 3D Modeling
  • BoM-Bill of Materials