Truss Engineering

MCD provides truss review with certification and repair services for both wood and light-gauge steel trusses, heavy timber and engineered wood products (e.g. I-joists, glulam, LVL, etc.). We review truss layouts (placement plans), connection layouts, and MCD can provide temporary and permanent bracing layouts for wood and light-gauge steel truss systems.

MCD works with the truss industry leaders and are consultants with truss manufacturers across the country. Our truss engineering department provides:

  • Truss design (any material: metals, wood, heavy timber);
  • Truss package review services include;
  • Sealed truss design review, layout review, connection and bracing design and review
  • Sealed truss repair design;
  • Engineered Wood Product (EWP) component design and/or repair;
  • Component load calculations and design;
  • Component construction and repair details;
  • Engineering letters are available, as needed.

Completed projects are swiftly returned to clientele either via email or hard copies are available upon request.

MCD can incorporate Truss Engineering services into your full plan set if desired.