Industry Update: 2021 Single Family Housing Market

The Monta Consulting & Design team continuously monitors real estate and builder projections to contribute to our clients’ success. Trusted sources indicate an increase in housing market growth according to key economic indicators. The predictions from new home builders are cautiously optimistic for 2021.

Economic Indicators

After several economic challenges presented throughout 2020, the National Association of Realtors expects a year of growth, according to 23 of its top economist. Optimistic predictions such as the GDP increase of 4%, a decrease in the unemployment rate, and stable interest rates indicate continued growth. The forecast calls for a 21% growth rate in single-family units! It is evident that consumer confidence is up, but where is builder confidence concerning keeping up with the demand?

Builder Confidence

February’s Housing Market Index reported by the National Association of Home Builders suggests a plateau in new single-family housing starts for the year overall. The high real estate demand may counteract the cost increase of materials and goods that builders are concerned about…for now. Raw material costs and supply chain issues with lumber and other construction materials will continue to be problematic through 2021. While the real estate industry is very optimistic, their report also predicts that the price of new construction will increase by up to 8%. The building industry is rightfully taking a more neutral position because of this concern.


Location is going to be critical to the success of new developments and master plans. The events of 2020 have provoked even more suburban sprawl. Some urban epicenters have witnessed a decrease in population, with people relocating to suburban and rural areas. NARS included in their report the top 10 states for real estate growth. The top 10, including Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, are states in which MCD has expertise and licensure!

Builder Friendly Services for Success in 2021

MCD is equipped to help you succeed in these demanding market conditions. Our team consists of multi-disciplinary experts licensed in 25+ states and has served builders and developers for over 28 years. Just a few of the benefits of our holistic approach are:  

  • Pre-Construction Cost Savings  
  • Decreased Turnaround Times  
  • Value Engineering  
  • Construction Cost Savings  
  • Reduced Plan and Construction Errors  

In addition, Monta Consulting & Design offers builder services specifically for high-volume residential builders. Program benefits cater to the performance metrics essential to builders, such as turnaround times, material cost reductions, and product marketability. The MCD team is here to help you succeed and compete with market demands.

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