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The architectural design of a commercial space contributes to the outcome of a successful business in several ways. “During design, we typically concentrate on three things: what image the client wishes to portray, customer needs and wants, and the community surrounding the business,” stated Hernando Gomez, MCD’s Principal Architect. Read more about how these factors contribute to the details of commercial design below.

How Architectural Design Effects Consumer Opinion

When building a commercial space, a design must meet both functional and aesthetic needs that will produce a favorable consumer experience. A functional space guarantees that both the company and consumer needs are being met safely and efficiently. For instance, a recreational facility design should echo cleanliness and stability while adding in the visuals that make a consumer feel motivated and comfortable. (Read more about the Southwest Aquatics Center project here)

Recreation Architecture
Southwest Aquatics Center- Structural Engineering

Oftentimes, the design of a business is the first impression. Within 15 feet of walking in, the consumer has already begun processing their opinion of the company. Details such as lighting, finish selections, and unique space planning can persuade individual perceptions one way or another. While designing for functionality is important, incorporating aesthetically pleasing and engaging design can provide a memorable experience. The details of the environment help build trust resulting in lasting relationships with your clients. It resonates on a different level, making customers feel valued by delivering an experience rather than a transaction.

A popular and trending example of embracing design in the retail space is Target, which states on their website: “You know that euphoric feeling when you walk into a store, and you instantly feel comfortable and ready to shop? That’s what Target hopes you feel every time you walk through its red front doors.”

This theory carries through to architectural design as well. Providing a space that your consumers are happy to visit can increase the chances of becoming recurring customers at a premium price.

How Employees Benefit From Commercial Design

A beautiful workspace can contribute to individual health, mood, and productivity. Notably, studies show that employees who work in well-designed spaces take fewer sick days, are more focused, and generally contribute more. According to the Harvard Business Revue, shared spaces result in more chance collaborations between employees, cultivating more innovation. Meanwhile, an area that is sterile, concrete, and unimaginative can result in higher stress levels.

Creative Collaboration Space

How MCD Can Help Design Your Space

At Monta Consulting & Design, we are dedicated to helping business owners succeed through commercial design. Our team of expert engineers and architects is ready to design the dream “experience” for you and your customers. Contact us today for a consultation.


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