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PZ Square, Groveland, FL

New mixed-used community offers something for everyone.

Growth is inevitable in Central Florida, and projections indicate a 4% annual growth rate until 2040. The once sleepy city of Groveland, FL, has embraced growth and the associated changes in a way that honors the community's history while cultivating success for its future. The Zafarali family, owners of PZ Square LLC, have been residents of Groveland since 1986 and are excited to be a part of the local transformation with the up-and-coming PZ Square development.

PZ Square is a planned mixed-use development that will host retail and professional office space accessible from Highway 50. In addition, the rear of the property will provide multi-family living options with a concealed parking garage. One of the primary concerns for the PZ Square team was ensuring traffic would be efficient and safe in and around the community. The safety features are personal to the Zafarali family as their brother sustained severe injuries in a parking lot accident, leaving him permanently disabled.

As depicted in the site plan, multiple roundabouts are incorporated to improve safety and keep traffic moving. Various studies on roundabouts indicate a 37% reduction in overall collisions and a 40% reduction in pedestrian collisions. Combining them with multiple one-way traffic patterns only compounds the safety benefits.

The live, work, play environment, otherwise known as New Urbanism, provides advantages to the residents and the community as a whole. For residents, having direct access to daily necessities increases walkability, social interactions, and leisure time. The culmination of benefits results in a healthier lifestyle. For the community, there is a reduction in traffic, crime, and long-term infrastructure costs. These driving forces will ultimately reduce the overall tax burden of a community.

Other considerations made in the design of the community maximize the density of the building footprints to allow for more green space. The layout of the buildings also takes advantage of the waterfront and natural views surrounding the development. Monta Consulting and Design’s Principal Architect Hernando Gomez stated, "Our architectural team worked diligently to design a site plan that maximized benefits for all residents while providing an aesthetic that complements the natural surroundings." Over 40% of the property will remain home to the existing landscape. The model below displays how the developer will also provide direct access to the preserved surroundings with a deck system.

The Planning and Zoning approval was received in September 2021 and required collaboration between the municipality, developer, general contractor, attorney, and design team. The success of the PZ Square community is partly a result of the City of Groveland’s approach to “smart growth.” The approval was straightforward because of the leadership's foresight to curb urban sprawl and their commitment to prioritize the needs of the residents.

PZ Square, scheduled to begin construction Summer of 2022, is currently in the civil engineering stage. The community looks forward to having restaurants and entertainment nearby. In addition, the multi-family units will help mitigate the housing shortages in Groveland due to the industrial complex and rapid job growth. The intent of this community is to serve citizens for generations to come and add to their quality of life.

Once known as the property with the "old pink house", the new generation of the Zafarali family said they "Are working together to create a positive impact in the community in honor of their late father, Peer Ali Zafarali. We hope to create a safe and inviting place for local families to enjoy." For more information on the PZ Square community and how to start planning your own community, contact our team of experts today.


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